About us

Hangzhou Zhongwang Technology Co., LTD.

Address: No. 29, Shanghe Road, Shangwenshan Community, Yuhang Street,Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Hangzhou Zhongwang Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang overseas high-level talents Innovation Park, with "Auto Test" as the enterprise mission, to provide laboratory equipment, automatic monitoring system and the overall solution for customers.
In the field of laboratory instrument we developed automatic liquid dispensing device, high precision constant temperature bath, intelligent viscosity measurement system, and a variety of instrument program-controlled ashing furnace reached the advanced level in the world, and the German LAUDA East China region general agent.
We introduce the world's leading technology online water quality monitoring system, integrated water quality sensor class, can almost meet all the needs of water quality monitoring and control project, is also the German ADCON, Germany Go Systemelektronik brand in the world of an agent.
Wang not only provide instrument hardware, also to the design of the project according to the customer characteristics, provide maintenance of laboratory data management system and post operation. Our ability has been recognized by dozens of Listed Companies in China and established an overall laboratory for them.
In the future, we will continue to work hard, and constantly solve problems for customers is our existence value and significance.